Lime Ridge and the Dominion Lime Company – ETRC

As a company town, Lime Ridge’s growth was inextricably tied to the lime quarrying companies that sprung up in the mineral rich area of Dudswell Township in the 19th century. Although the population of the area didn’t warrant a post office until 1878, the lime found near Bishopton (then known as Bishop’s Crossing) has been quarried since the 1820s.  An advertisement in The British Colonist and Saint Francis Gazette in May 1824, placed by a Richard Smith, proclaimed that he would deliver (by boat) the “superior” “snow white” Dudswell lime to a plethora of destinations.  A seemingly enterprising man, Smith also informed readers that freight and passengers could also be accommodated “on fair terms.”

Source: Lime Ridge and the Dominion Lime Company – ETRC