New Orleans City Guide – eBook –

New Orleans City Guide – Interactive City Guide Stop typing and start clicking on searches with over 3200 preset searches in the latest City Guides and Brochures from the author R.G.Richardson.Just pick and click with over 3200 preset searches for greater accuracy and ease. Stop using paper guides and start using our interactive city search guides and brochures that include Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, Facebook, Twitter, Baidu, SlideShare, YouTube or Pinterest searches that are never out of date! Use as White or Yellow pages and use it even more often to keep up with what is going on and happening in your city! It also makes for a good gift or promotional item for somebody that has just moved to a new city. Real Estate agents use it as a promotional tool and you use to check Real Estate listing, condos, or rental apartments available in the city.

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